Test runner claiming "No tests were found", though it ran tests

I had a previous issue where I couldn't run tests that was caused by an out of date plugin.  I'm past that now, but I'm getting a weird and very non-helpful behavior from it.  My tests are running using TestUnit and Shoulda (in case that matters).  The behavior I'm seeing is this.  When I try to run the test file, the log on the right side successfully runs the tests.  I can see them all pass and everything looks as I would expect it except for the line at the bottom (after the TestUnit output) that says "Empty test suite"

The panel on the left side states in bold red letters that "No tests were found".

I suspect this has to do with it not recognizing the contexts and other methods of shoulda embedded in TestUnit but I can't prove it.  There are no exceptions in the log or anything else that would point me to a parsing error, or anything of that sort.  It would be nice to have this working.  Any recommendations on things to try?  Anybody else have a successful project running with shoulda?

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Shoulda uses standard Test::Unit API for reporting tests. Looks like RubyMine's Test::Unit extension wasn't attached (or was deattached by some gem or etc). Could you reproduce it on some minimal example. E.g. create "Empty project" with only one test file in it.


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