Pls Help with RubyMine Install Ubuntu 10.04

Hi Guys

Im a newbie with Rails, Rubymine and Ubuntu. So please be gentle. Happy to finally break free from MS.

Anyway I have some questions. I am currently learning Java at Uni and am using Netbeans on the same Linux machine I want to install Rubymine on.

Ive noticed that some of the tutorials on installing Rubymine tell u to move the Java executable (not sure if thats the JDK or JRE) from its current location to a path that Rubymine recognises.

My question is, firstly if I do this will Netbeans still function as normal. Surely the path that netbeans uses to the JDK will be broken and secondly I am having trouble understanding how to amend the file so that it also points to the right direction.

I cant see where the following two lines are in the file to replace them as per below

Hello Steven,

Please replace this 2 lines in

export JDK_HOME

with this one:
export JDK_HOME=/usrl/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-

Hope this helps,

Hope I am on the right track with these questions.

Help greatly appreciated.


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You can put JDK_HOME=/usrl/lib/jvm/java-6-sun- after this lines:

# ------------------------------------------------------
#  RubyMine Startup Script for Unix
# ------------------------------------------------------

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Hi dennis

Excellent mate thankyou I am up and running. Thats actually the first app I have downloaded and installed outside of Synaptic.

Although I first had to install the Sun Java SDK, and then change the script that you gave me to "java-6-sun-".

It was just a newer version I guess, everything going smoothly so far.



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