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So I broke down and created a Rails project.

My gut says its a complete distraction and another endless learning curve that takes me orthogonal to my project.

However, I conquered the 'generate' concept and the 'run rails script' concept so I felt optimistic and pushed on.

And I generated a controller and figured out how to start the mongrel server on port 3000.

So whatever I do I get this red text in Chrome that tells me nothing.

Should I have to fire up FireFox to interact with mongrel and inspect with firebug? Or, or, or?

Am I right to presume that is is what 'just works' means?

That is, is it true that 'just' is a euphemism for 'learning' and 'works' is a euphemism for 'curve'?

Or is there some (complete and verified) list of basic steps I can perform in a new, clean rails project in RubyMine to verify that I have things configured properly and that the 'simplest thing that could possibly work' will actually work?



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please consider watching "Create Rails Application in 7 minutes" demo (7:30), reading RubyMine Quick Start Guide and Rails Books and Guides. Most probably you'll need some additional gems, such as sqlite3-ruby for native Ruby or activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter for JRuby


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