get cucumber/rspec working in rubymine 2.1 on windows?

Just to be clear, I believe I am using RUBY mine. That is, I am not using Ruby on Rails Mine.

So I have no awareness of any dependency between the RubyMine IDE and Rails.

And I expect that RubyMine is designed to work perfectly as a Ruby IDE.

At least that's what I believe I paid my license to get.

So if RubyMine is unable to provide all the necessary features to run Ruby without Rails, please let me know now.

I want to do TDD.

So I loaded the rspec and cucumber gems.

I downloaded some sample cucumber scripts from the Pragmatic Programmers book on Rspec and Cucumber.

I figured out how to create a test configuration for a cucumber feature and some steps.

The output of running the test configurations doesn't match the expected results so I looked up the help spagetti about 'reload rake tasks' and 'setup cucmber support generators'.

so may I have a complete and working procedure for getting cucumber and rspec support working in RubyMine, please?



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Hi, what version of RubyMine are you using? We don't have any public releases of 2.1 and we don't plan to release one under that version. Are you using 2.5 EAP build or 2.0.2(2.0.1) release one?
As far as I know RubyMine release branch is not compatible with latest cucumber gem version. In order to run features with latest cucumber, please use RubyMine 2.5 EAP

Running cucumber on plain ruby is pretty straightforward. I've downloaded code of from Pragmatic bookshelf ( is it the right one?
1. Install cucumber
2. Launch RubyMine, File | Open Directory -> C:\work\apps\code\cucumber\04 or C:\work\apps\code\cucumber if you want all examples
3. Attach cucumber gem, if it's not attached automatically
4. Right click on feature file and select Run <feature_filename>


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