Custom Tag creation

I am trying to set up Rubymine to do some work with an online CMS that is based on Radiant, a Rails CMS. At this point I simply want to edit html and css in Rubymine for my online CMS system.

The CMS ystem (webvanta) provides the following tag that simply reads in and includes the Code snippet brookelaw_head.html into the existing html file.

<w:snippet name='brookelaw_head'  />

THis tag is from a language they call "webvanta script"  - it has several tags but the one to include snippets is the main one I am concerned with now. The other tags involve database support that I can't emulate locally

I want to be able to develop this code locally in Rubymine and it seems to  that I should be able to map w:snippet name='  ' onto something like: <link rel="stylesheet"  type="text/css" href="/styles.css" media="screen" title="style  (screen)" />  So that I can  maintain the structure of having separate snippet files to include in my html file

I realize that I could copy in the snippet instead of using the tag but that is a lot of trouble. In the future I may simply run Radiant locally but I am not at that point yet

Any suggestions on an easy way to do this? (I am just a beginner)

Tom Brooke

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