color scheme corruptions

I'm repeatedly having a strange error with some color schemes that I've created.  These schemes began as modifications of the default RubyMine schemes, saved under a different name.  They work fine for a while but inevitably - usually right after I've switched to a different one - I notice that parts of my modified schemes become overridden by colors from one of the default RubyMine schemes.  The elements that are affected this way are usually Ruby elements.

When I look at the xml files in ~/.RubyMine20/config/colors, I'm seeing that a lot of the xml <option_name> tags are now completely missing from these schemes (notably, those beginning with "RUBY_" and "RHTML_").

Anyone have an idea why that might be happening?  Anyone else experiencing this?

I'm using RM 2.0.2, Build 93.202, on Linux.  Also using the Idea Server plugin, if that's relevant.  I've attached one of the xml files with missing elements.

Thanks in advance.


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