Tasks and PivotalTracker integration in EAP 95.314

I'm a little confused by the tasks in the latest RubyMine EAP. I downloaded it after reading it had PivotalTracker integration. I had no problem linking it to our account, but I didn't really understand how to use it:

Changing task: instead of a list of tasks to choose from, it just gave me an autocomplete text field, which meant I had to guess at the task names. This also didn't always seem to work.

After changing task it filled in the commit message for git automatically, which I thought was quite good. But then I changed to another task, but the git commit message stayed the same as the last task.

I've never really understood the Changelists functionality, it doesn't seem to fit well into my workflow when using git, where I would probably branch for each task or bug then merge back later. Under the Changes tab it has the name of the first task I switched to. It's now stuck like that even though I switched task several times then selected "Default task" (default task isn't a good name!).

I guess I was looking forwards to PivotalTracker integration that would allow me to see the list of outstanding stories and update their status when committing changes. Obviously with several different integrated services that might be some way away, but I didn't really 'get' the tasks in their current form.

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