Rubymine hanging 2-3 times/day. Thread dump attached.

Rubymine 2.0.2 has been hanging quite a bit on me lately.  I have to "force quit" and then I can't even re-open the project I was in because it will hang when indexing when opeing project next time.  Re-booting fixes problem until it hangs again.  Seems to be happening more and more often.

Rubymine 2.0.2
Max OSX 10.6.3
8 GB memory
2.66 intel core i7

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Project hangs when "Scanning files..." "Processing module <project name> content..." when opening ide after killing to get out of prevous hung state, not when indexing as previously stated.

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Hello David,

1. Is your project contain symlinks? Is it large?

2. Most likely you've faced with Out of Memory error (by default RubyMine uses not more than 512 mb of memory but usually it is reasonable and quite enough). Please try to capture memory snapshot as described in (see last section related to -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError option)

3. If your project is really big:
After you've taken a snapshot try to increase -Xmx option (it's mentioned in document) up to 800mb. It's not recommended to have are huge maximum heap size bound(-Xmx option) because it may lead to longer JVM Garbage Collection pauses.

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I have also been experiencing Rubymine 2.0.2 freezing after installing the lastest OSX Java Update.


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