Enhancement for 'Local History' display


As always: Thanks for the great IDE!

Now on to the bitching and moaning ...(Just kidding. I really do think this product is great!)

I use both Git and the IDE's Local History. Git because I obviously have to, and Local History because it has some nice features Git doesn't.

The problem relates to long commit messages:
1) In Git's history they are chopped, but when you mouse-over or slect an entry the complete message is displayed.
2) In the IDE's Local History history the messages are also cropped, however, there is no way to view the entire message (at least that i can see).

Is there a way to see the entire message? If not, would you consider adding this as a feature?


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Hello Larry,

Sounds reasonable, I've filed a feature-request http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-55385.

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Thanks, Roman!

Now I will try to come up with some unreasonable requests, just to make sure you guys earn your salary.

-- Larry


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