debugger won't step through code or shut down the server process

Running RubyMine 2.0.1 in OSX Leopard with Ruby 1.9 and Rails 2.3.5.

When I run a debug session, seems to hit the breakpoint just fine, but when I step to the next line, or even just continue, it seems like RM just loses touch with the server.  The Stop button is greyed out, as are the Pause and Continue buttons, and the server is left "waiting for localhost".

If I press the Close button, it just sits there "waiting for VM detach" and I have to go out and actually kill the process manually.

I want to like RM because I've used IDEA for years, but the debugger not seeming to work correctly is a problem.

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I'm getting similar results the only thing I can add is that I note a

Exception in DebugThread loop: Connection reset by peer

in the Console after attempting to inspect anything. Any ideas?

OS X Snow Leapord
RVM 1.9.1
RM 2.0.2

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Hi Scott,

Please add this line
to rubymine.vmoptions file and launch debug again. This will enable verbose debug output of ruby debugger itself.
And attach console output here.



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