How do I get the Run window to auto hide or get it to be active when it's popped up?

While I'm editing a test file, I generally hit 'Alt-R' and run my 'test' or other Rake task. This causes the Run sidebar window to pop-up and show the status of the task and or test run. When the process is done, the window just stays there. I'd like it to just auto-hide when the task has been successful. I'd be fine with just closing the window, but the window isn't active, so I can't invoke 'Shift-Esc' to Hide the window. I then either have to grab the mouse and activate the window and/or hide it or run through 'Ctrl-Tab' (a half dozen times) to activate the window and then hide it.

Is there and easier way to work with this?

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Please, file a new feature request at


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