Default branch for git pull


I have a question regarding the git integration: when I push, while being on a tracked branch, the branch to push to is selected by default (so I'm basically two keystrokes away from pushing), but when I want to pull I need to select the branch from the list every time. Since I always push and pull from the same (tracked) branch, this is pretty annoying and cumbersome. Is there a setting that I could set to get this to work? Or if not, would you guys consider adding this behavior?

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Adam Pohorecki


Standard Version Control -> Update Project action also uses git pull including the rebase variant. So you might use it instead of pull dialog when pulling from the default branch and remote. The update project also provide autostash functionality. You could also consider using git-specific "Push Active Branches" dialog for pushing changes to the default branch and remote.


"Push Active Branches..." command is available in RubyMine | Version Control | VCS Quick List.. In JB we are working with our Git support using VCS Quick List.. action. We usually push changes using Push Active Branches action and pull using RubyMine | Version Control | Update Project...


Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was looking for.


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