A great test navigation technique

I like to navigate through Rubymine using only keyboard shortcuts if I can.  One of the most useful techniques I have found is mapping a keyboard shortcut to enable you to run the test that your cursor is on.  This way you can navigate up and down tests using ctl + up or down and then run the test your interested in with your key stroke.  Even though I am on a Mac I prefer running a test to be mapped to control + t.  The default configuration for this is command + alt + F8. The keymap configuration is under the label Run context configuration, which is under the All Actions -> Other section in the Keymap configuration menu.

Picture 2.png

The other shortcut that goes well with this one is Go To Test. I can put my cursor on a class name and press alt+shift+t and I can view the tests implementation for this class. Then I can use the short cut I created ctrl + t to run a test I am interested in.

Great work Rubymine team.

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Hello Scott,

Thanks a lot for the warm words, it encourages us to make RubyMine even better!
We should definitely make a short demo on this functionality in future. Thanks for the idea!

Develop with pleasure!


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