Ruby SDK and Gems References Not Working

I am new to Rubymine, but I am having a problem where the gems that I install and attach to a project are not being referenced properly. I can see them in the project explorer pane for the project, but any references to the modules made from within the program fail when I run it. So for example, if I am using Paperclip for file uploads, the application returns an error as soon as it reaches the has_attached_file reference in the model. I have the mongrel gem installed and if I try to use it as the server in the run/debug settings it bombs on startup with "The specified module cannot be found" error.

This seems to be some kind of pathing problem, but I have checked to make sure my ruby install is in the system path. Here is my environment:

Windows 7 64-bit
Ruby 1.9
Rails 2.3.5
Rubymine 2.01

The ruby/rails/rubymine environments are fresh installs.

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