Problem with printed output white-on-black

I've noticed this with RubyMine 2.0 RM #91.15 on Windows XP SP2. Printer is Canon inkjet Pixma MP780.
If it's a bug, hope it makes it into 2.0.1.

Printing works fine when I print code in any TextMate-style scheme with black text background, such as Railscasts.
To save the ink I customized colors in Default black-on-white Color & Fonts scheme.
One change was to use orange foreground on black background for method name.
Method name, as the only black-background string, would be easy to find on paper.

But, the black background does not print in this mode.
The method name prints orange on white.

Please see screenshots below:

On paper "index" prints in orange on white, not orange on black.

I hope it helps you track this down.

Best Regards,
Michael Livshutz

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