Unable to launch DRB Server


I am using your 2.0 IDE and rspec and rspec-rails 1.2.9. I have a bunch of RSpec tests that run fine uisng both the rake task and your RSpec support. I wanted to see if they would run faster by using the DRb server, so I attached the rspec-rails gem to my application. The "Help" says I should be able to "Tools > Run RSpec DRB Server", but when I try that the menuitem is disabled.

Am I missing something?


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RSpec drb was deprecated in latest versions of rspec. Action is disabled because ./scripts/spec_server script ins't available in your project. Instead of deprecated feature RSpec and Cucumber suggest to use spork gem for drb.  Please attach spork gem (isn't available on Windows) in File | Settings | RubySDK And Gems. Also you should perform bootstrap on first launching (see spork documentation). As far as I remember bootstrap operation will fix your spec_helper.rb or cucumber's env.rb.
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Okay. Thanks, Roman.


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