RM2 Beta 3: Inspection and Warning don't seem to work very well


Still evaluating RM2, I found that the warning displayed do not work correctly and are not  good. I found different examples
1- name scoped being wrongly qualified as "method not found"
      @articles = Article.todate.published.sorted.find_tagged_with(params[:id]).paginate(:page => params[:page], :per_page => 10) Gives Cannot find published, cannot find sorted (both are named scope)

2- Has Many relation
             @building.topics << @topic gives a Cannot find topics for type "Object" (model building :has_many topics)
             @recipients = @topic.subscribers Cannot find subscribers for type "Object" (model Topic   has_many :subscribers,  :through => :topic_subscriptions, :source => :user)

3-Attribute not recognised as model attribute (here used_space)
          @building.used_space += topic_image.picture_file_size


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