BDD / Cucumber Slow


in my mind, cucumber is quite slow.
Does somebody have an speed improvement for cucumber?
Wenn I launch a feature everything is loaded, so it takes for a very small 1-feature set 30 sec. until it has been run.

May be, somebody has a hint?

Alternative would be autotest / spork

best regards



You can use spork with RubyMine

- Just attach "spork" gem in File | Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems.
- Init sport in your Rails app
- Launch spork drb server from RubyMine | Tools

Now RubyMine starts using --drb option ("Use DRB server" in UI) for new cucumber run configurations


Cucumber will soon get a new parser, which should speed things up considerably if you have many features:

But if you only run a few from your IDE, the slowness is probably in JRuby (if you use that) and the time it takes to load the code you're testing (plus gems it depends on).


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