Missing Required Gems


I've been using your IDE for several months and love it! Thanks for a great product!

For months my "Setings" have been fine. Latley, though, The "Rudy SDK and Gems" list tells me that I'm missing the following required gems:
ActionMailer 2.3.3, ActionPack 2.3.3,  ... , Rails 2.3.3.  In other words, all of the Rails-related gems.

The problem is that I have version 2.3.4 of all of these gems installed, and that is what is specified in my 'environment.rb' file. I did a 'Search > Find In Path' for "2.3.3" and it's not even mentioned in any of the files in my project.

I recently installed and then removed some gems outside of my /vendor/gems directory. Could that be causing the problem?

Things still work, it's just that seeing these bright red error messages is a little disconcerting.


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Which build are you using, Larry? I've fixed a couple of problems with detecting gems requirements in 2.0 beta.

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Hey Dennis,

I'm using 1.1 and am eagerly awaiting 2.0 - so let's hold off on this until then.

Thanks for the great IDE,


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