Lots of warnings


I am trying using Rubymine 1.5 EAP (1421).
It's my first time, and I am a little lost with it.

I see lots of warnings in all the models, like these:

"unable to find associated Rails Model for :whatever association field"
"DB field ':whatever_field' of undefined table for class 'X' or unable to find Rails Model for association with name  :whatever _field  "

This was not happening at the begining when I open the project for first time, it begins after I click a link for attaching some gems.


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I suspect this has something to do with the spanish inflections I use.
I can solve some of the warnings setting the name of the table in the model, or specifying a class name in an association.
It seems the Rubymine is not using the inflections correctly when analyzing the code.

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This may happen if you use inflections.rb file in config/initializers. There is a bug for this: RUBY-3160. Feel free to vote for it and track it's progress

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Thank you very much. I will do it


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