Problem with "recent changes" or (probably) me?


Today I noticed some things not working in my code that I thought were working yesterday. I figured that maybe one of the dozen or so changes I made during the previous evening were responsible, so I thought I would take a look at them to see what they were. (Before I forget, I'm using git for version control; don't know if that makes a difference or not.)

I fired up the "View > Recent Changes" dialog box and saw 16 recent changes for the time frame in question. Three labels were as follows: "create file", "copy files/directories", and "deleting" - all of which were informative and accurate.

The remaining 13 were all labeled "External change". When I clicked on them they all told me that "development.log" had been modified. Not only is this is in stark contrast to the example output given for this feature in the "Help" doc (that showed detailed, informative text strings as opposed to the generic and meaningless "External Change"), but it is totally useless information. Adding insult to injury, "development.log" is designated an "ignored file", so why is the IDE even bothering to monitor it?

I made a lot of changes last night and one of them probably broke something. I was hoping "Recent Changes" could help me, but it was totally useless.

Am I doing something wrong or expecting something unreasonable?


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