Red question marks in Model Dependency Diagram

Tweeted this question and got response from @iromeo (Roman Chernyatchik) that the red question marks are represntation of a model on one of the model relationship no having a relationship to the other model.

i.e. Model A has_many Model B, but Model B doesn't have belongs_to Model A.

Unfortunately for me, our models have those relationships.

The quirk is that our main model, the one we created the diagram for, is in a subfolder (.../apps/models/A/<multiple files>.rb) and split into multiple files.  This is due to the model being huge.  We know this is a design issue, but...

I'm on Build 1347 EAP, jdk 1.5_019

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Hello Jason,

Is your project is opensource (are sources available) ?  Probably RubyMine doesn't understand that your classes are Rails Model because model is split in multiple files.

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Not open source.    Yeah, I'm guessing it's the split, which is a horrible design smell (we know).

The diagram tool shows the relationship, just a red question mark.  Nothing worth making a rush over.

Thank you for help.

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Yes, the problem is really in partial declaration of models. You may also see that partial model appears several times on diagram. I've added an issue for this case RUBY-4768. Feel free to vote for it and track progress


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