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Alas I guess that no-one's offering UK based Ruby on Rails courses that use RubyMine :O(   . At the risk of receiving a hand-slapping from the forum moderators I'd like to propose something. I'm an asp.net contractor based in Berkshire UK. If there's a fairly local and competent RubyMine developer out there who's willing to sell me (if we can come to an agreeable arangement) maybe 5-10 hours of their time to get me going with the product then please respond! This could be easy money for someone.



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Hi Rob,

My advice is to try and find a nearest to you Ruby User Group (like  http://lrug.org or http://groups.google.com/group/bristol-ruby) and contact them with regard to your question.

If you get in contact with some, please be informed that JetBrains supports User Groups by providing some licenses as well as provides free classroom licenses for teachers and their classes.

Sorry, but we do not have a more specific intormation on this.

Hope it helps,


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