Rspec tests don't run on Ruby 1.9.1 in RubyMine 1.0.5


When I try to run individual rspec tests usng the context menu (right-click) on the  *_spec.rb file and select "Run  <class_name>_spec.rb" it gives me the error

File 'test/unit/autorunner.rb' wasn't found in $LOAD_PATH of Ruby SDK with interpreter: '/usr/local/bin/ruby-19'

I have attahced  test-spec, test-unit, rspec and rspec-on-rails gems to this project.  Couldn't figure out why it's still complaining about autorunner.rb.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am running on Mac OS-X 10.5.7,  ruby-1.9 and RubyMine 1.0.5.

Krishnan Kannan

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Hi Krishnan,

We've fixed this bug. Fix will be available in coming RubyMine 1.1 release


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