How to work with multiple projects [noob questions]

Trying to figure out how to work with multiple projects with RubyMine (too bad I didn't know to ask these last week at RailsConf when you guys were there with the booth).  Have multiple rails sites, multiple plugin projects, and various ruby projects.

How do I get two RM windows open at the same time to look at diff projects?  I see some references to "frames" in other threads but no clues in docs.

And how can I launch RM so it opens on a specific project?  Don't want to have to keep going through File menu switching to get to where I want to go.  (mac osx)

thanks for any tips


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Hello Deb,

"RubyMine "RM | File | Open Directory" action will suggest to open project in new frame or in existing frame. Also please understand that if you open several large projects simultaneously RM will consume more memory and to prevent frequent Java Garbage collection you should increase -Xmx option in | Root | Java | VmOptions

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Roman - thanks, that info helps.  Not sure the available approach satisfies the scenario I really want (1-click launch of multiple RubyMine's, each on specific project specifed as a parm), but at least I can experiment and find something I can maybe live with using your suggestion.

RubyMine's use of the term "frame" may be confusing to many people; various window systems have different ways of talking about main windows. panes, nested windows, etc.  Something like "project window" might be better - as a user of RubyMind I think in terms of projects and "opening a project" is what I do as a user to get a main (top-level) window that contains nested/sub-windows for navigatined, editing, interacting with tools, etc


~ Deb


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