Error running test (Could not find

After upgrading to IDEA 9821 and Ruby plugin 2.0.230959, I find that I can't run any tests.  I receive the following error message:

Error running test: Could not find C:\Documents and Settings\USER\.IntelliJIdea80\config\plugins\ruby\lib\

Any ideas?


Brian Hartin

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I cannot  reproduce this on MacOS with 9821 and Ruby plugin 2.0.230959. I'll try it today on WinXP

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I cannot reproduce it on my WinXP + idea 9821 + plugin 2.0.230959.

Did you unpack and install Ruby plugin manually? Your problem is concerned to file  C:\Documents and Settings\USER\.IntelliJIdea80\config\plugins\ruby\lib\ Here lib folder cannot contain zip files, in should contain ruby.jar and other jar files. Please

1. Close IDEA
2. Delete  C:\Documents and Settings\USER\.IntelliJIdea80\config\plugins\ruby folder
3. Open IDEA
4. Install Ruby plugin via IDEA plugin manager
5. Check that  C:\Documents and Settings\USER\.IntelliJIdea80\config\plugins\ruby\lib contains ruby.jar file

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I would normally have installed the Ruby plugin using the plugin manager, but for some reason the plugin installer was acting flaky.  At first, I tried to upgrade my currently installed Ruby plugin, but the option to upgrade was not available.  I then manually removed it, restarted IDEA, and tried to install the plugin.  The first time I tried this, it gave me an error message which I did not see clearly, but it was something about directories.  I simply tried again, and this seemed to work.

I also confirmed that I can fix the problem with a manuall install by simply changing C:\Documents and Settings\USER\.IntelliJIdea80\config\plugins\ruby\lib\ to C:\Documents and Settings\USER\.IntelliJIdea80\config\plugins\ruby\lib\ruby.jar.


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but for some reason the plugin installer was acting flaky

I have no ideas what has happened with plugin manager in your case, please report us if this problem will appear again.


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