RubyMine - Highlight Occurances of all instances under Caret

Hi all.

Using RubyMine #820 and I am struggling to find how to enable RubyMine to highlight all occurrences of a variable under the caret.

I know how to do this manually by using Control + F3 but I was after an automatic solution (i.e. without having to Control + F3).

I've tried a number of plugins from settings -> Plugins -> Available and tried to install the following:

* Indentier Highligher - Installed and tweaked by adding


to the plugin.xml for it to load in RubyMine... but no joy

* BrowseWordAtCaret - Same as above

Has anyone found a solution for RubyMine?

Thanks for any help and cheers.

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Hi Nazar,

Just open RubyMine settings and type "caret". RubyMine will automatically open Editor settings tab, where you can enable "Highlight usages of element at caret" =)

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Roman, you have my thanks again.


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Develop with pleasure


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