RubyMine Equivalent Key for Netbeans User

Hi there.

Just trying out RubyMine 820 and had a quick question, which I hope some kind soul kind help me with.

I am unable to find the following equivalent in RubyMine when compared to NetBeans (due to my inexperience with Netbeans):

1. Control + Tab brings up a list of currently open windows. This window list is sorted by mostly recently opened window. Subsequent Control + Tab presses navigates down this list. I have seen the Control + E Recent Files list in RM, which is similar-ish... but not quite the same.

2. Control + Shift + 1 - Would pbring up the project explorer with the current file synchronized to the active tab. So if I was editing layout.html.erb, Netbeans would open the Project Browser and focus the file I am currently editing.

Thanks again and cheers.

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Hi Nazar,

2. In RM - Alt+F1 popup will suggest to open current file in Project View / Rails Project Views / File Structure View. More over if you are in project view tree this action allow you to show current node in another View(project, structure, rails, etc).

1. In RubyMine and IDEA we often use Control + E (Recent Files) or navigating to left/right tab

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Hi Nazar

I also missed Control + Tab from Netbeans.
Take a look at this thread for info on how to get the TabSwitch plugin working.

I don't think that it is "certified" as compatible for use with RubyMine but I have been using it with no problems on build 820 (and prior).

Regards, Tony

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Thank you Roman and Tony.

@Roman: Alt+F1 is exactly what I wanted! Thank you

@Tony: TabSwitch is perfect. Again, exactly what I wanted.

Many thanks to you both.




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