new color scheme

hi, i found a nice scheme on the internet called "green-chaud" that i have adapted to rubymine.... welli only took the 4 main colors and the background  here is a screen

and here is a link to the xml..for html rhtml rb css js.. its not 100% donebut nothing ever is .. i made minor changes as i color the string blue and the tags green .. and instead of php ive made <% red...  im not shure if i will switch the tag and string colours again.. but  (in my opinion)they really are nice to read.. also bc they are the main 4 colours and they are not to bright nor to dark.. but see for yourself   hope youll enjoy..

maybe if others post there schemest too they could be added to RM .. bc i only like the idea .. but the others aint that nice.. ether to bright or to dark.. just painfull.. well ok ill go to sleep

by and keep up the good work i love RM

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Hi Hannes,

Thanks for the scheme, it is nice!

I've notice that blue color of numbers in JS(see your screenshot) seems to be unreadable on dark background and should be a bit lighter. I recommend you to modify vibrantInk scheme as the base for other schemes with dark background(because in vibrantInk scheme many colors from default scheme were optimized for dark background).

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oh yes the blue color should be red is not right xD

ah cool thank you for the tip about editing the dark scheme. ill do that and update the xml.. asap.. xD

thx and good night


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