"Shoulda" gem and code completion


I'm using the "shoulda" gem (http://thoughtbot.com/projects/shoulda/) for writing my tests. For some unknown reason I just can't get the code completion working (Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Alt+Space). The same is true for "assert_"

I narrowed it down that it has smth. to do with the way tests are written. When writing "normal" tests like:

def test_foo


then the code completion is working inside the test_foo method. But when changing to the "shoulda" way:

context "foo" do
  should_respond_with :success


  should "simply work" do
    assert ...



then the code completion is not working for either "assert_*" or "should_*".

Is there any way to get the code completion working for such cases?

Thx and best regards,

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Hi Andreas,

RubyMine doesn't have special Shoulda support. So RubyMine doesn't understand shoulda's DSL for writing tests and thinks that context and should blocks have static class level context(assert_* methods are in the non-static instance level context). I've created issue for this http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/RUBY-3380. Feel free to watch it's status, vote for the issue and comment it.

Thank you for suggestion!


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