a few things RubyMine needs

1st of all, probably 70% of your target audience runs OS X.  So you need to make RubyMine (and IJ) act more like an OS X app.

This means by default CMD-w closes the current window.  CMD-{ and CMD-} moves to next/prev tabs.  CMD-` switches windows (and preferably there aren't any modals for preferences)

It also needs an integrated IRB console.  And one with auto-completeion would be awesome (no one does this).

And on the innovative side, if I were you guys, I'd do a partnership with New Relic and build some of their functionality directly in to IJ so you can profile a rails app.  Check out newrelic.com

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one other thing, the file picker should probably default to the user's home dir on OS X.    And it's clunky, seems really slow on OS X

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It sounds reasonable, thanks! IRB console is in our plans - track and vote issue http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/RUBY-235. Also in next versions we will bundle more convenient MacOS keymap.


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