Keyboard shortcuts on os x

How are people configuring their keyboard shortcuts on os x? IDEA/rubymine both use the Fn buttons, which map to things like volume or brightness.

In the past I've overridden the os x defaults and added CTRL + Fn to do the regular command; is there a better way to do it which will only override it while rubymine is active? The Apple defaults would be good to stick with in general, when Rubymine is turned off.

Nicholas F.


I've enabled "Use all F1, F2, etc keys as standard function keys" in System Preferences | KeyBoard & Mouse | Keyboard. Thus to mute volume I use "Fn+F10" instead of "F10". Personally for me it's more comfortable to use Function key for additional keyboard features (volume, brightness, etc). Also you can remap shortcuts for actions in RubyMine keymap. In the next RubyMine EAP we are bundling TextMate-like keymap so you can try it in the nearest future.


I swap things over like Roman so that Fn is needed for the additional keyboard features.

There's still the problem of the Spaces/Exposé/Dashboard to contend with. The standard key mappings for these (F8..F12) clash with some of the default RubyMine/IntelliJ key mappings. I leave the Spaces/Exposé/Dashboard mappings alone and remap the RubyMine/IntelliJ features over to the F15..F19 keys. Obviously not a great solution for a laptop which doesn't have those function keys, but then I do most of my coding with a full size external keyboard plugged in.

Anybody got a better idea to suit laptop users?


Hi Paul,

Do you have any ideas who we can remap RubyMine's actions that use F8-F12 keys? (most part of these actions are used for debugger support). If you suggest alternative key bindings suitable for MacOS laptop users we can include such keymap in RubyMine.


I just made this point in another discussion - . I think it'd be really helpful if there were a standard keymapping for OS X.

Nicholas F


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