Upgrading to RubyMine 472

Hello all,

I was using RubyMine 435 on Windows 2008 Server x64, and decide to upgrade to RubyMine 472. I uninstalled RubyMine 435 (using the provided uninstall.exe), and installed RubyMine 472. After the RubyMine installer finished it started RubyMine fine. I then exited RubyMine, and tried to start it from the desktop icon that I have.

No luck. There was a brief flash of the splash screen and nothing else.

I then renamed my RubyMine 472 directory to RubyMine 435, and now RubyMine seems to work okay again.

I suspect this is a bug in the installer? Something not being cleanup up properly when 435 was uninstalled?


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