Load Path not working at all?

I have a project with lib/ test/ sub-folders containing my src and my tests respectively.

My problem is that if I work with a file in, say, lib/server, it insists to only work with relative paths to everything.

So "require 'protocol/connection'" will be marked as erronous in lib/server/server.rb and only "require '../protocol/connection'" will remove the problem.

I have to add -I parameters to my runs by hand to get things running from IDEA. Originally I assumed that adding /lib to the paths in the load path settings would work, but it seems that load path settings does not do anything whatsoever(?!)

Is there some other setting I might have accidentally changed that could have caused these issues?

I run 7.0.3 with the 1.0.14958 version of the plugin. My ruby version is 1.8.6

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Hi Christoffer,
I can't reproduce it on my computer (7.0.3 with 1.0.14958).

"Load path" settings in Ruby plugin is only for autocompletion purposes and doesn't change load path for ruby interpreter.

Please create new small test project and check it again.


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