Questions from Brian H.

+>Comment: Is \'Analyze->Code Duplicates\' supposed to work yet? For me, it finds
>no duplicates. The little red error icon then shows up. I\'ve filed a JIRA bug.
>Also: I notice that the Rake tasks are set up as actions, so I can set shortcuts via

the KeyMap. Awesome! But the \'test\' action isn\'t in the action list (that I could
see). Could you add it?

>Comment: I should clarify my last post...the action in question is the Rake \'test\'
>action. I can map keyboard/mouse shortcuts and toolbar buttons to \'rake units\' and

\'rake functional\', but not \'rake test\'. Of course, I could use an external tool, but if

>\'rake units\' is in the \'actions\' list, why not \'rake test\'?+

Hi Brian!

Your mailbox doesn't accept my letter(Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, because the message was forwarded more than the maximum allowed times. This could indicate a mail loop). May be you will notice my answer here.

1. >\'Analyze->Code Duplicates\'
We haven't such feature yet.

2. Rake shortcuts
Look at ->[Ruby on Rails]->[Special shortcuts]. Here you can register rake tasks/generators names and set shortcuts for them


Thanks Roman! Great job on the Ruby support. It's really made a difference for our team.


Develop with pleasure ;)


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