JRuby and Java classpath


This is what I'm doing.

1. Create a new java project, adding a JRubyFacet with a JRubyFacet SDK
2. Create a new ruby script called test.rb add some code to manipulate a java.util.HahMap
3. Run the script as a Ruby on Rails > Ruby Script
- Works fine
4. Add a jar file as a single-entry module library under module settings > dependencies
5. Add some code to use a class from the jar file
5. Run the script as a Ruby on Rails > Ruby Script
- Fails with error: : cannot load Java class ]]> (NameError)

If I instead open up a command line and add the jar file to the classpath and run the jruby.bat script on my test.rb it works fine.

Should also add that auto completion into the jar dependency works fine in the ruby script.

What I'm I doing wrong?

Edit: ok sorry seams to be a bug: http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/RUBY-1264;jsessionid=C34A28704FC0FDD499CC2D1F7D9AAF7A
Is that bug fixed in any build?


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Hello, it`s not fixed yet, but you can vote for it!


Ok I put in a vote now.

Good work on the Ruby plugin.



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