Run tests without jruby

hi, i can't figure out how to run my tests without using the jruby facet. I am using some platform specific libraries that jruby can't run, but it seems there is no way to get my tests to run with native ruby. any ideas?

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There are two ways:
1. JRuby Facet.
2. Ruby(or Rails) Module

JRuby Facet provides integration ruby with Java and it's for JRuby developing. But you can choose Alternative SDK (at first add it to ->[Project Settings]->[Platform Settings]->[JDKS] ) in Run Configuration Settings.

Ruby and Rails Modules allows you develop Ruby or Rails applications. These modules don't have integration with Java language. But you can use both jruby and native ruby. (as module SDK or as Alternative SDK in Run Configuration Settings)

Thus if you don't need integration with Java language - create Project with Ruby Module otherwise Java Module with JRuby Facet.


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