DB Navigator: fail to recognize TRUE and FALSE as constants names

Hello! I very like the DBN, but there is problem with constant with names TRUE and FALSE (because of these names are specific constants in Oracle, but it is possible to use their in PL/SQL code as names). I have a huge project where this feature uses in every package. To demonstrate I've made a simple package withou body:

CREATE OR REPLACE package TEST.tst_const_pkg as

    TRUE        constant        number(1)   :=  1;
    FALSE       constant        number(1)   :=  0;

end tst_const_pkg;

It successfully compiles in DBN, but when I use the constants DBN says "Unrecognized statement". I've attached a sceenshot

I've registered issue DBN-1115.
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Can this be fixed? May be you do have some workarond? I want to use DBN, but I cann't :(

How many money I must to donate to ask you to fix this bun? :)


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