Looking for Grammar-Kit language (a) plugin contributor(s)

Apologies if this isn't the correct forum for this.

I've started working on an IDEA language plugin to support the Ethereum Solidity language for the development of smart contracts.

I've got some of the basics in place with the BNF file (80% complete - needs minor refactor work), JFlex file (50-60% complete) and foundational boilerplating. It currently compiles but with issues that I'm just not experienced enough doing this kind of work to fix.

I'd really love to get some expert collaborators to basically take it over, get it working and open-source it so that it can self-evolve and everyone can benefit.

If you know anyone who'd be keen to get involved, or even take it off my hands completely and own it, that would be great.
My only requirement is for it to work across all IDEA IDEs though, because We'll be using predominantly PyCharm.

Alternatively if anyone from JetBrains would be interested in this project in terms of official support then even better.

Bit of a long shot...


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Hi, any news ?

I can't help you with debuggin your plugin, but I'm very interested in using it ;)

So I hope your work is not still blocked by bugs and that you will have a working plugin to propose,

Good luck !


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