Does Intellij + C/C++ plugin = CLion?

IntelliJ with Python plugins  works pretty like PyCharm. I think that's why IntelliJ license is much more expensive than the PyCharm's. But IntelliJ with C/C++ plugin does not seem to be working for me so far :(

I have experimented, googled...nothing works. And there' no document on how to set up the configuration files.

I am wondering I really need to by CLion, or in the future IntelliJ with C/C++ plugin will work like CLion.

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While the C/C++ plugin is developed by AdvancedTools as you can see in the plugin repository, CLion is developed by Jetbrains. I tried both and to my believe CLion is far superior.
Why don't you download the trial version and test it yourself?


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Yes, I know CLion is awesome, that's way I want to see a CLion equivalent plugin in IntelliJ :)


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