Trying to develop an EmberJS Javascript plugin for Webstorm.

I’m trying to develop an EmberJS Javascript plugin for Webstorm.

I have been looking at other existing javascript plugins for inspiration and see what I can learn. Which led me to your plugin.

I can’t seem to figure out how to develop a debug such a plugin. I have tried to follow this guide

but it tells me to download and install IntelliJ community edition including the source. But this seems to be only for Java, Groovy and a few other mostly non-web languages.

Do I really need the Ultimate edition to write a simple javascript plugin?

I have been trying to watch any tutorial videos I could find, but they seem far too advanced for what I need to get started...

I have my IntelliJ CE setup with a project linked to the source of the CE which I cloned in a local repo. When I launch "Debug EmberJS", I don't seem to have any of my Actions available when I create a new dummy project.

Please give me any useful advice.



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I now managed to get a Tools Menu Action to write to System.out :)
However I'm still very much stuck on how to proceed with the Javascript specific part from within the CE.
How do I test it in webstorm I wonder? It seems, that in order to package it for Webstorm I need to copy it into Webstorm Content/plugins/ folder as a jar in a lib file?
But this is not useful while developing... Any ideas?

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JavaScript plugin is part of IntelliJ Ultimate Edition, so you will need Ultimate Edition to develop plugins using JavaScript-plugin.

Simply add its JAR files to your IntelliJ Platform SDK.

Please make sure you follow guidelines from


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