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I am using IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.1 and the cucumber for java plugin Version 134.1007. I spent the past few years using cucumber with RubyMine.

I am trying to set up the default Run Configuration for Cucumber, similar to RubyMine. Basically, I want scenarios run from within IntelliJ to output a json report. Once again, to try and cut down on off-target responses, this only applies to scenarios run by right-clikcing on them, and running them within IntelliJ (the CTRL-SHIFT-F10 functionality).

Everytime I run from within IntelliJ, the runn configuration uses " --format --monochrome --name "Successfully Submit Complete Content Submission Form" for the program arguments, no matter what I put in as the cucumber defaults. I need that to be "--format json:report_output/json/report_name.json".

If I clear out all Cucumber Java run configurations, and change the default and run again, it ignores the default and uses  "--format --monochrome --name "Successfully Submit Complete Content Submission Form".

I have already read the instructions on how to setup a run configuration default, but its not actually using those settings.

P.S. - After a scenario is run the first time, I can update its run configuration, and it will work from that point forward. Thats not a practical solution for several thousand scenarios, with 10 people using this. Nor is manually setting the run config for each use by clicking "Create" instead of "Run" every single time. I jsut cant find where to override the SMFormatter with Json.

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solved it. For anyone else seeing the same issue, it took adding -Dcucumber.options="--format json:target/test-classes/report_output/json/report.json" to the VM options, not the program args.


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