Using grails plugin, wondering is there a way to manually specify grails SDK inside configuration xml

Here is the grails configuration:

<component name="ProjectRunConfigurationManager">
  <configuration default="false" name="Grails:mojito" type="GrailsRunConfigurationType" factoryName="Grails">
    <module name="mojito-api" />
    <setting name="vmparams" value="" />
    <setting name="cmdLine" value="run-app" />
    <setting name="depsClasspath" value="false" />
    <setting name="passParentEnv" value="true" />
    <extension name="coverage" enabled="false" merge="false" sample_coverage="true" runner="idea" />
    <setting name="launchBrowser" value="false" />
    <RunnerSettings RunnerId="GrailsMavenDebuggerRunner">
      <option name="DEBUG_PORT" value="" />
      <option name="TRANSPORT" value="0" />
      <option name="LOCAL" value="true" />
    <RunnerSettings RunnerId="Run" />
    <ConfigurationWrapper RunnerId="GrailsMavenDebuggerRunner" />
    <ConfigurationWrapper RunnerId="Run" />
    <method />

And this is working for when the module is a type of grails,  the reason is I'm using gradle to build grails project, then apparently it's will be a gradle  module instead of grails. But I'd like to reuse intellij grails plugin since it's very easy to run under debug mode.

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No, you can not specify Grails SKD in Grails Run Configuration. IDEA uses moduse SDK.
Module can be Grails module and Grails module at one time. IDEA means that module is a Grails module if module has a Grails library in the classpath and grails-app directory in the root.


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