Dart Plugin - Missing method parameters informations while typing

The Dart Plugin is missing the method parameters informations that should displayed while typing inside the braces.

For example if I put the cursor inside the braces of the button.setStyleName() method (example used: dart_web_toolkit_showcase package), no info box appears above the text line containing the method, asyou can see in this screenshot:
Schermata 2013-12-14 alle 11.29.41.png

In the original google DartEditor, the same project, shows correctly the method parameters informations:

Schermata 2013-12-14 alle 11.28.48.png

- The ide must always display the information about the methods parameters when the cursor is inside the method braces.

OSX Maverick
IntelliJ IDEA 13
Plugin: Dart 133.239

Thank you.

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