Ignoring certain classes of Spring "errors"

I'm wondering if there's a way I can work around an (albeit minor) annoyance with the Spring support in IntelliJ. I have many bean definitions which are parsed with a custom BeanDefinitionParser, a side effect being that the bean definition in the XML doesn't actually correspond to a real constructor. In particular, the bean definitions are missing one of the constructor arguments (an application-wide registry, which is added in by the BeanDefinitionParser for convenience). Consequently, all of these bean definitions are underlined in red in the XML files, because IntelliJ can't find a matching constructor.

Is it possible to tell the Spring plugin to ignore a certain class of constructor errors? It would be enough just to tell it that for these particular classes, the constructors don't need to be validated.


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This is not possible. The best solution is to ignore errors or warnings from the corresponding inspection(s) by suppressing them for the given tag using inspection option "Suppress for tag".


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