Configuring XPath extension function namespace without DTD

From this documentation, I see that IntelliJ has awareness of xpath extension functions, at least for EXSLT, but it's not clear how this is configured:

Instead of EXSLT, I am using Saxon functions in my xpath expressions. I am able to declare the namespace for it, but there is no associated DTD because functions are not elements. So how can I get tool support for Saxon functions? For example, the saxon:evaluate function:

        <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:saxon="">

        <xsl:variable name="enabled-status"
                      select="if(empty(@enabled) or (saxon:evaluate(concat('$p1[', @enabled, ']'), $context-node))) then 'enabled' else 'disabled'"/>

IntelliJ is asking for a DTD, which doesn't exist, and even if it did, wouldn't document functions. I can set it to be ignored, but I'd like to have tool support for Saxon functions. How can this be done?
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The XSLT-plugin currently only knows about (EXSLT) extension functions that are implemented by the current XSLT processors. Unfortunately, there is no easy way configure additional functions.

Saxon extension functions will be available in IDEA 13: IDEA-115187



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