Intellij Crashing with IvyIDEA


I've been trying to move my project over from Eclipse to Intellij. It is a fairly large system with several modules and a mix of on disk third pary libs, and Ivy dependencies. When I run IvyIDEA -> resolve on one of my modules Intellij always crashes. It's kinda killing me right now that I can't get this working, and that this is the first real problem I've had since starting with Intellij a few months ago.

How do I troubleshoot this issue? Is some kind of official support from JetBrains for the product? I just convinced my company to fork over the funds for getting us developer licenses.

Thanks, Derek


IvyIDEA is a third-party plugin which was not developed by JetBrains. Unfortunately we aren't able to provide official support for third-party plugins.


Is there some other way to get support for Ivy dependencies?


Have you tried contacting the plugin developer and reporting the crash? The plugin seems to be actively maintained.


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