Editing Global Libraries in Actionscript Project


I have set up a project with a dozen of build configurations and modules. The modules use global libraries, which are embedded via raw source.
I can see their sources but i cannot edit it.
The project browser displays them with a yellowish background and there is a small gray lock icon at each file. How can i make the global libraries editable?

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You need to decide: either you treat the files as a 3rd party raw AS library, or as your own code. 3rd party sources are by design protected from being occasionally edited. If you want to edit these files you can keep them in a separate module within your own source folder and configure a BC that compiles them into SWC.

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ok moving the whole thing to a module-based-library helped and works as desired. But i still have a content-root problem.

The problem is:
I have a set of sources: A,B,C which all are single raw-AS libraries/folders. and they are located in a "FlashLibs" folder on my HDD.

They also depend on each other
C needs A and B to compile.

In Flashbuilder i would have two lib-projects which would simply embed the libs via source-path and compile them into SWCs
Lib1: A,B
Lib2: A,B,C

(C is for example a flex-library which is not used in pure ActionScript projects).

I tried the same in IDEA but failed. Because of the content Root.
I set the "FlashLibs" folder as the contentRoot for Lib1 and added A,B as source-folders. works.

When i try to do the same with Lib2 i get an error because the contentroot is the same for lib1 and lib2.
Also if lib2 depends on lib1 and simply adds the FlashLibs/C as contentroot, this also does not work. (similar error)

Is there a solution for this case?

(for now i just use Lib2 and use this as my only library - works because i embed the library via "merge" and not "include". However the library contains flex-sources and i use it in pure-AS projects, somehow this feels not right. )


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I think the following approach would be the best:
- Module Lib1. Two content roots: A and B, each content root is also a source folder.
- Module Lib 2. One content root: C (and it is also a source folder). Dependency on BC Lib1 with linkage type 'Included'.


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