How to get javadocs on method and find tags in them

A PsiClass and its PsiMethods like:
* provides cache clearing service.
* @param cache the target cache
* @return  number of records removed
public int clearCache(Cache cache) {

Build a map records method and their @param contents in their javadoc
Map<Method, Map<String, String>> = {{Method:xxx.clearCache(Cache) = {cache = the target cache}}}

I can't find a method to get the javadoc of the method and tags in it.

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So which steps exactly did you perform to find the method you need? I'm asking because the method you need is available directly on PsiMethod and is clearly documented.

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Thanks, i found that method.
But why my sdk have no javadocs on classes and method?

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Most likely because you didn't check out the source code of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and attach it to your SDK, as described in the documentation?


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