Unable to create IDEA plugin SDK

Since a recent reinstall I am unable to create a plugin SDK in IntelliJ 15 & 14 on Mac OS X. Loading up my plugin I get

         Unknown Module Type
         Cannot determine module type for the following modules:

         "de.fu_berlin.inf.dpp.intellij" (type 'PLUGIN_MODULE')
         All mentioned modules will be treated as Unknown modules.

And in Project structure -> SDKs I can only create Java SDKs, there is no option to create platform plugin SDKs.

Do I need to download a specific version to be able to develop plugins?

Best Regards,

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You need to make sure that the "Plugin DevKit" plugin is enabled in Settings | Plugins.

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Thank you so much.

By google I only found this page:


Which assumes you have already read this one


where this important step is described.


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The plugin is enabled by default. The important step becomes necessary only if you have disabled the plugin by yourself.


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